VDG-55 Vacuum Degasser Vessels


The VDG-55 system is designed to remove low boiling point solvent, dissolved gas (air, moisture, etc.), and volatiles from raw feedstock. Utilizing vacuum to accomplish evaporation of material versus conventional methods. Its batch size up to 55 gallons makes it an ideal unit for process development and production lots for evaluation.

The VDG-55 is a complete distillation system including all of the pumping, heating, vacuum generating and control equipment needed for operation. The small amount of floor space occupied by the unit and skid mounted design makes the VDG-55 a most attractive system.

VDG 55 Schematic

VDG 55 Sschematic


The VDG-55 is a movable cylinder shape heated chamber, which can produce pressures as low as Torr. The chamber itself has a heating on the bottom and sides with a temperature sensor. 1 X 10-3 Feedstock is filled into the removable chamber, the chamber is moved onto a mechanical lift, and positioned against a base plate. Then all the valves are closed the liquid nitrogen trap is filled and the vacuum pump is turned on. At this point the chamber heater is set to an appropriate temperature. The optional mixer can then be turned on dispersion. As a vacuum valve is opened part of the feedstock reaches a pressure at which it vaporizes, leaving the chamber to condense on the cooler surfaces of the cold trap. The un-vaporized feedstock or residue remain in the chamber. The condensed vapor on the cold trap flows by gravity into a removal pipe and is pumped or removed through a valve from the system.

The VDG-55 is a batch system that contains all of the facilities for degassing raw feedstock. This unit is designed for use in development and pilot-plant work. In certain cases it can be considered a production tool.

The VDG-55 is a complete skid mounted, standalone turnkey device that only requires electricity and a cooling medium. It has a complete control center with vacuum indication and all necessary switches.


Utilities Electrical: 208V single phase 4-Wire 100 Amps 50/60 Hz

Liquid nitrogen: consumption will be process dependent

Type: Batch

Operating Pressure: 10-3 Torr to Atmosphere


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