Industrial Advantages of Myers Stills

Only Myers High Vacuum Stills Can Provide All of These Advantages:

Vacuum Stills

  • No heat degradation: Low pressure and a thermal residence time of less than one second protects against decomposition. Thermal hazard is reduced by a factor of up to 10.5 on all Myers stills.
  • Higher product quality: This process can remove objectional colors, odors,and excess reactants, adding value to your product.
  • Valuable by-products: Materials you remove from your product remain intact. These waste materials become potential marketable products.
  • Low process cost:  You can process small or large volumes at low costs because Myers stills use less energy, are very efficient and economical in operation.
  • Process a variety of materials: This section of our website describes a wide variety of applications for the Myers stills.
  • Process small or large volumes: Myers stills offer throughput ranging from ounces to 2,000 pounds per hour, depending on the model.

Myers centrifugal molecular stills have set the standard in a wide variety of industries

Food Processing Industries

Myers stills provide a method for refining edible oils that result in decolorized, deodorized, pure oil, separating valuable products such as vitamins, sterols, fatty acids, and antioxidants. The centrifugal molecular distillation process provides a gentle method for purifying and fractioning essential oils. Odors, colors, and flavors can be separated without danger of hydrolysis, air oxidation or decomposition. Monoglycerides or emulsifiers can be more highly concentrated than with traditional separation techniques.

Cosmetic Industries

Myers distillation equipment is ideal for use in recovering lanolin from wool grease, the crude soft wax obtained from the hair of the sheep. Fragrance derived from fatty acids are also isolated through this system.

Pharmaceutical Industries

Government requirements concerning enrichment of food with vitamins have caused increased interest in centrifugal molecular distillation of natural vitamins A and E. Natural vitamins K-1 and K-2 are being distilled to replace synthetic K-3 and -4. Synthetic vitamin E also has been distilled by Myers molecular distillation equipment. Myers stills are used in a variety of purification and separation processes for many drugs, including tranquilizers.

Paint and Varnish Industry

The drying properties and firm hardness of polymerized oils such as castor and linseed can be altered by distilling off low molecular weight compounds.

Epoxy Resin Manufactures

Manufacturers of liquid epoxy resins have discovered that the Myers distillation technique results in desirable color reduction, lowered viscosity, and increased shelf life by removing the catalyst typically used in the formulation.

Tall Oil Production

Tall oil producers have benefited from Myers centrifugal molecular distillation in two ways. First, the distillation reduces the problem of tall oil pitch disposal. Secondly, the remaining fatty acids can be recovered in profitable quantities to be reused for emulsifiers, flotation agents, plasticizers, disinfectants, soaps, and cleaning agents.

Silicon Producers

Myers molecular stills are ideal for the removal of either low or high molecular weight polymers from a mixture of polymers.

Wax Producers

Crude paraffin, beeswax carnauba, and certain microcrystalline and high melting point waxes are purified by the Myers centrifugal molecular distillation system.

Basic Research

Molecular distillation has been proven successful in separating various isotopes, as well as many other research application. The Myers still is an effective tool for separating components of high molecular weight and for concentrating components for quantitative or qualitative analysis.

Surfactant Producers

Sugar esters and poly-oxyalkylins glycol have been routinely purified by Myers molecular distillation. Crude fatty acids and wax derivatives of fatty acids have been distilled in maximum purity concentrations without thermal damage.

Plastic Industry

This method benefits plastics manufacturers. Plasticizers such as di-octyl phthalate and di-octyl sebacate are purified with the Myers stills to remove excess reactants of estererification, moisture of condensation, objectionable color, odor, and traces of catalyst.

Mineral Oil Production

High temperature lubricating oils and greases are commonly distilled from the C/35 – C/100 fractions of petroleum bottoms. Lube oils purified by Myers molecular distillation are more stable and protected from decomposition. Resins and bitumin are separated by the method as well.

Oil Reclamation

With the rising cost of oils and fluids, recovery of these materials by the Myers molecular distillation process is highly practical, profitable, and environmentally compatible by reducing disposable waste.

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