GPH-001A Cold Cathode Ionization Sensor

 GPH-001A Cold Cathode Ionization Sensor


This rugged high vacuum gauge tube is ideal for heavy industrial applications such as vacuum furnaces and evaporators. There is no hot filament to accidentally burnout. If the tube is turned on at atmosphere it may require simple disassembly and cleaning. The replaceable anode attaches to a replaceable vacuum feedthru. The arc gap is adjustable.

The Penning vacuum tube (named after its inventor, F. M. Penning) measures pressure as a function of the ion current flowing in a cold cathode pressure sensing tube which operates at high voltage and in a magnetic field. These tubes work with Myers Vacuum and CVC type: GPH-320, GPH-324 and GPT-450 vacuum gauges.


  • GPH 001A Drawing
    Pressure range from 2.5 X 10-2 to 2 x 10-8 Torr
  • Can be turned on at atmosphere with minimal damage
  • Easy to disassemble and clean. No special tools are required.
  • Removable anode for cleaning and replacement.
  • Stainless steel envelope.
  • Quick, stable starting characteristics.
  • Permanent ring magnet.
  • Viton seal gaskets.
  • Large mouth opening for quick pump out.
  • Pressure is factorable to other gases.
  • Standard BNC connection
  • Bakeable to 150ºC
  • Tube can be mounted in any orientation, best results come from minimizing contamination.

Gauge Specifications GPH 001A

Anode: Stainless Steel
Envelope: Stainless steel
Magnet strength:1450 gauss
Maximum bake out temperature: 150º C

Ordering Information

GPH-001A with 1″ tubulation (standard): Part Number 282396
Replacement Anode Assembly with feedthru: Part Number 282395
Anode Seal Viton Gasket: Part Number 264091-5
Magnet: Part Number 60267
10′ BNC Cable Assembly, Discharge Tube: Part Number 282394-1
BNC High Voltage Connector: Part Number 5508273

Vacuum Port Adaptor

KF-25 to 1″ tube connector (female):
Part Number 500234-25
KF-40 to 1″ tube connector (female):
Part Number 500234-40
KF-50 to 1″ tube connector (female):
Part Number 500234-50

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