Myers Still Applications

Vacuum molecular stills have found wide acceptance over the past fifty years in the processing of thousands of materials. Some of the diverse industries utilizing molecular distillation include the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, aerospace, food, plastics, petrochemical, wax, paper, and chemical industries. A partial list of some of the multitude of compounds successfully distilled follows:

Acetyl tributyl citrate
Amino substituted Urethane
Anhydrous lanolin
Armoatic hydrocarbon
Aromatic hydrocarbon - chlorinated
Bromo-trifluoroethylene polymer
Butadiene-acrylic acid polymer
Butyl benzyl phthlate
Butyl stearate
Candelilla wax
Cannabis processing
Capryl wax
Carnauba wax
Cedar Oil
Citrus Oil
Chlorinated hydrocarbon
Cocoa butter
Cononut oil - crude
Cod liver oil - oxidized
Coffee oil - crude
Cottonseed oil
Cottonseed oil - peroxidized
Crocodile Oil
Dehydrated butynediol - crude
Di-isocyanate - Chloroform
Di-isodecyl phthalate
Dimer Acid
Distilled bees wax
Di-stearyl amine
Epoxy resins
Erucyl amides
Emu Oil
Fatty acid & nitrile-pitch
Fatty amides
Fatty amines
Glycerol monostearate
Halogenated hydrocarbons
Hemp processing
Humulone complex
Iodinated ester
Leaf protein extract
Lignite wax
Linseed oil pitch
Liquid epoxy resin
Lubricants & greases
Meadowfoam Oil
Menthyl sucrose esters
Microcrystalline wax
Mink Oil
Mixed vegetable fatty acids
Mixed vegetable grease
Monononyl phenol
Montan wax
Oleyl amide
Palm Oil
Pepper Oil
Perfume essential oils
Petroleum bottoms
Petroleum oil - mineral oil
Petroleum oil - reduced
Peroleum-slackwax bottoms
Polyhydric alcohols
Polyphenyl ether
Rice bran oil
Sandalwood Oil
Sesame Oils
Shark liver oil
Shea Nut Butter
Silicone oil
Silicone polymer
Sorbitan sesquioleate
Soybean oil
Soybean oil pitch
Stearic acid - crude
Sugar cane wax
Sugar cane esters
Tall oil - crude
Tall oil - heads
Tall oil - pitch
Tall oil - polymerized fatty acids
Tin caprylate
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Vitamin K-1
Vitamin K-2
Vitamin K-3
Vitamin K-4



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