Used Stills

Lab – 3 Centrifugal Molecular Distillation System 

   Still Assembly, (287705)

  • degassing feed chamber (420 m Liter max. volume)
  • 3″ diameter heated rotor
  • water-cooled condenser surface
  • feed valve
  • distillate/residue valves
  • distillate/residue collecting vessels (465 m Liter max. volume each)

     Pumping System (500707)

  • 2″ diffusion high vacuum pump
  • mechanical pump
  • vacuum cold trap
  • stainless steel vacuum manifold and valves
  • water manifold with valves
  • cabinet mounted

   Control Center, ( 287735-1) 

  • Two (2) digital thermistor vacuum gauges Myers GT-430
  • digital temperature controller,
  • individual switches for rotation, heater mechanical and diffusion pump operation
  • switched/variable power outlet for the addition of heat tapes.

Magna 60 Centrifugal Still

  • Still Assembly
  • Vacuum Chamber
  • With water-cooled lid with sight Ports and gutter system to remove Residue material
  • Water/solvent Cooled trap with gutter system for evacuation of material
  • Balanced Rotor – rotating “flower pot” shaped with four independent heat zones
  • Condenser – 42 water cooled leaf condensers.
  • 23 individual Calrod heater elements of 4100 watts each
  • Gutter systems for separate removal of three (3) distillates, (1) drip and (1) residue out puts
  • Hickman High Vacuum Pump installed or ports can be used to install KSM 2000 or other vacuum pump


Complete system (includes):

  • Touchscreen control
  • Feed system comprised of four (4) variable speed pump gear pumps.
  • Stainless steel vacuum manifolds with glass traps.
  • Completely frame mounted. Powder coated frame and mounting brackets.
  • Materials in contract with the process material are either 300 series stainless steel or glass.
  • Stainless Steel tubing and check valves
  • SCR power switching for Rotor heater, degasser feed line, degasser jacket, rotor feed line, residue removal line and distillate removal line.
  • Two rotary vane vacuum pumps.
  • KS-200 High Vacuum Diffusion pump.
  • Distillation chamber with Rotor.
  • Degasser Falling Film

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