Recover More From Your Product

Do you realize you could be losing valuable product in your process? Myers’ superior process gives you more of your product by recovering valuable material normally lost using conventional distillation techniques. You benefit from higher concentrations, greater product yields, and superior product quality with Myers centrifugal molecular stills.

Our Unique Process

Myers stills represent over 50 years of research design and manufacturing experience to create the finest high quality vacuum equipment. This expertise has enabled us to offer centrifugal molecular distillation equipment capable of achieving the lowest pressure conditions possible (10-3 Torr range). In this high vacuum state, the distillation process requires less energy for molecules to leave the surface of your material.

Vacuum StillsProduct Protection & Energy Savings

Myers’ centrifugal distillation process causes distillation to occur at lower temperatures, which protects your product from the thermal degradation and saves on energy costs.

For this reason, Myers centrifugal molecular distillation process is the most efficient and thermally safe method to distill materials in the 150 to 4000 molecular weight range.

Here’s How It Works

The material to be distilled is fed continuously onto a heated spinning rotor where it is spread out into a thin film. The tremendously high surface-to-volume ratio and extremely low pressure allows evaporation to occur in less than one second.

As the distillate condenses on the surrounding surface, the residue spins off the edge of the rotor and is caught in an adjacent gutter, insuring against cross-contamination. From research to full-scale production, Myers stills are the best choice possible.

The Tradition Continues

Myers Vacuum carries on the tradition of their predecessor, CVC Products, in the manufacture of superior quality stills. Myers stills are now setting the industry standard for distillation products. Contact us for inquiries concerning the purchase of one of our systems or parts for an existing system.

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