GTC-036 Thermocouple Tube


The CVC/GTC-036 Tube contains a heater element and a thermocouple to read out the heater temperature, and hence infer the pressure. As the pressure in the sensor tube decreases, a rise in temperature occurs since less gas is present to dissipate the heater’s energy. The thermocouple senses the temperature change and a temperature dependent output is produced. This output is used to drive a microampmeter scaled in pressure units. The sensing element is housed in a welded nickel-plated, mild-steel envelope. These versatile sensors provide consistent readings and are easily adapted to electronic outputs.

Features of the CVC/GTC-036

  • Pressure readings of approximate atmosphere to 10-3 Torr
  • Internal baffle reduces possibility of sensor contamination.
  • All welded construction, fused glass to metal seals. No Epoxy seals. No solder seals. Excellent for high vacuum conditions.
  • Easy to mate with system: 1/8″ NPT pipe thread connection or 3/8″ O.D. tubing for vacuum port sealing.
  • Standard octal socket connection.
  • Tubes can be mounted in any orientation, best results achieved by positioning for minimal contamination.
  • Sensing element can be cleaned.
  • Tube can be baked up to 100º C

Special Features

  • Heavier sensing wires make it more rugged.
  • Small mass junction.
  • Sensor interchangeability without recalibration.


This sensor is used to measure pressure in mechanically pumped vacuum systems, the foreline of diffusion and turbo pumps, the regeneration line of cryopumps, in vacuum insulated cryogenic vessels, and wherever pressures from a few milli-Torr to a few hundred milli-Torr are to be measured consistently.

The type CVC/ GTC-036 Tube is a thermocouple-type vacuum gauge tube designed for use with Myers Vacuum and CVC Type GTC-360, -361,-365, -370, -371, -390, and -395 vacuum gauges and AVC-385 automatic Valve Control. The tubes are interchangeable when new and require no calibration when additional stations are added to a multi-station gauge.

Ordering Information

GTC-036 –  Thermocouple thermal conductivity sensor – Part Number 5504358

Vacuum Port Adaptors
• KF-16 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500230-16
• KF-25 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500230-25
• KF-40 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500230-40
• KF-50 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500230-50
• CF-16 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500231-1
• CF-35 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500231-2
• 1″ hole mount to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500236
EXP HousingExplosion proof housing – Part Number 501065

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