GPH-325 Penning Gauge


The GPH-325 touch screen penning gauge has a circuit that is designed for years of trouble-free operation. Conservative design throughout assures long trouble-free life, and close voltage regulation makes the GPH-325 insensitive to line voltage variations. The GPH-325 gauge is a single station gauge which indicates pressures over three decades.  The scale calibrated in units of dry air pressure. The basic gauge is available in 115VAC, 60 Hz.


  • This compact rugged unit comes standard in a 5.25” high half 9.5” rack mount wired for 115V with a GPH-001A sensor, power cord, auxiliary connector and 10’ high voltage connector.
  • The sensing range of the gauge is 9.9 x 10-3 torr to 1.0 x 10-7 torr.
  • A simple on/off switch turns the unit on.
  • Penning power is turned on by pressing the screen ON or by pressing the REMOTE on the screen and using an external switch. Color indicators on the screen display each state.
  • There is a single relay output, press the screen on the word SETPOINT and a popup appears that allows you to change the setpoint. The word SETPOINT changes color based on state. White not made (de-energized) and green made (energized). The relay inputs are common, normally open and normally closed.
  • Log output voltage for user interface.
  • Calibration if needed is provided via a touch screen popup.


Width 9.5”
Height 5.25”
Depth 9.5” (allow 3” for connections)
Temperature 8-49°C
Tube GPH-001A standard
Weight ~20 lbs

Tube Specifications GPH 001A

Tube type GPH-001A
Anode Stainless Steel
Envelope 2 1/32″ OD X 5 7/16″ L Stainless steel
Tubulation 1″ OD
Maximum bake out temperature 150ºC
Magnet Strength (measured midway between tube pole pieces) 1450 gauss

Ordering Information

GPH-352 –  Penning, cold cathode ionization, single station, pressure scale in three ranges, 1 x 10-4 Torr through 1 X 10-7 Torr, cabinet model, with 10’ cable, 115V, 60 Hz. and GHP-001A sensor – Part Number  502440-0011

Vacuum Adapters

KF 25 to 1” Tube connector (Female) P/N 500234-0025
KF 40 to 1” Tube connector (Female) P/N 500234-0040
KF 50 to 1” Tube connector (Female) P/N 500234-0050
CF 35 (2 ¾” Conflat) to 1” Tube connector (Female) P/N 500235


  • Replacement Cable Assemblies
    • 10′ cable Part Number 282394-1
    • 15′ cable Part Number 282394-2
    • 25′ cable Part Number 282394-3
    • 50′ cable Part Number 282394-4
    • GPH-001A 
    • Sensor tube – Part Number 282396
    • Replacement anode assembly – Part Number 282395
    • O-ring seal for anode – Part Number 264091-5

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