Vacuum Pump Accessories

Items marked “Never Used” are as-received from manufacturer and have been unused from time of purchase.

3 – Leybold Exhaust Filters

Leybold Exhaust Filter

  • AF 40/65
  • P/N 18916


LN2-Cooled Baffle

LN2 Cooled Baffle

  • CVC BCN 61B, Part Number 268944
  • 6 inch ASA flange (ID 7 Inches, OD 11 Inches).
  • Reservoir Capacity 5.20 Liters, Consumption Rate .22 Liters/hour

Schrader Scientific CFT-240

Schrader Scientific CFT-240 Coaxial Trap

  • Coaxial Trap


CTI Helium Filtration Cartridge Adsorber

CTI Helium Filtration Cartridge Adsorber

  • # 8080-255 K001 for 8200 compressor



CTI Splitter Box

CTI Splitter Box

  • P/N 8112444G002


Miscellaneous CTI Hoses and “T” Fittings

  • No picture available
  • Misc lengths 10’ Remote temp cable 10’ Line “tee’s”


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