GT-034 Thermistor Sensor

GT-034 Thermistor Sensor


The sensor is encased in a nickel plated, mild steel casing that is baffled so that any vapor from the system does not optically see the element. This increases the life of the sensor and has little effect on the amount of time it takes to sense pressure changes.

A zero pot is cleverly hidden in the octal socket to allow individual zeroing of the tube. Each tube is zeroed at the factory and should not require recalibration. This allows for accurate interchangeability between tubes.

GT-034 IllustrationThe tube can be universally mounted, but is best if mounted pointing down to flow condensable vapors back into the system.

The usable measurement range is from approximate atmosphere to 1 x 10-3 Torr. The casing can easily be pumped to the 10-8 Torr range and up to 60 PSI. The sensor has the most accuracy in the 250 to 1 milli Torr range which is an ideal cross over pressure from mechanical pumps to high vacuum pumps.


  • This unique tube is better than standard thermocouple tubes in high vapor and other rugged applications.
  • Single element utilizes wire that is 10 times thicker than standard thermocouple wire.
  • Element is glass encapsulated to allow for easy cleaning.
  • Element is welded to a glass feedthru so there is no epoxy or solder to contaminate your system.


This sensor can be used with the Myers Vacuum GT 430, GT-340A, and Automatic Valve Controller such as the AVC-485.

The sensor can also be used with the customer’s own electronics package. The sensor uses a standard octal socket interface.

Ordering Information

GT-034 – Thermistor gauge sensor – Part Number 277289
Vacuum Port Adaptors

• KF-16 to 1/8″ FPT KF – Part Number 500230-16
• KF-25 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500230-25
• KF-40 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500230-40
• KF-50 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500230-50
• CF-16 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500231-1
• CF-35 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500231-2
• 1″ hole mount to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500236

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