GTC-365 Thermocouple Gauges

GTC-365 Product Manual – click to download (Note: Requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader)


The GTC-365 is a portable, battery powered thermocouple vacuum gauge which is supplied complete with 1.5 volt “D” cell battery, type GTC-036 thermocouple sensing tube and tube connecting cable.

GTC-365 Thermocouple GaugeFeatures

  • Measures from 0 – 5000 mTorr
  • Battery operated – from 1.5V “D” cell supplied with gauge.
  • Portable – rugged, wrap-around case with top handle which also serves as storage loop for sensor cable
  • Easy to read – for either tube type, as identified on scale and position of selector switch; 0-5000 milliTorr with GTC-036 (supplied), 0-1000 milliTorr with GTC-004
  • Sensor tube mounts with 3/8″ tube port or 1/8″ FPT. Adaptors available for other connections.


Principle of Operation

Employs a heater and dissimilar metal elements in a bonded junction to detect a temperature change. As the pressure in the sensor tube decreases, a rise in temperature occurs since less gas is present to dissipate the heater’s energy. The thermocouple senses the temperature change and a temperature dependent output is produced. This output is used to drive a micrometer scaled in pressure units.


Applications for the GTC-365 include vacuum measurements on vacuum-jacketed cryogenic transfer lines, storage carts, and transport vehicles. It is an ideal instrument for field use in the maintenance and servicing of vacuum related equipment. Manufacturers of tanks, lines, and storage facilities can also use the GTC-365 during the final assembly and evacuation of the vacuum vessel.


Cable 10’ Length – Part Number 62214-7


GTC -004

GTC 036 Sensor Tube (No Calibration required) – Part Number 5504358

Both Sensors attach to vacuum chamber with 1/8” pipe thread or 3/8” tubulation seal

Adapters available

  • KF-16 to 1/8″ FPT KF – Part Number 500230-16
  • KF-25 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500230-25
  • KF-40 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500230-40
  • KF-50 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500230-50
  • CF-16 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500231-1
  • CF-35 to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500231-2
  • 1″ hole mount to 1/8″ FPT – Part Number 500236
  • EXP Housing – Explosion Proof Housing Part Number 501065

Gauge Specifications GTC-365

Width: 6-5/8″
Depth: 4″
Height: 6-3/4″
Type of Mounting: Cabinet (panel kit available)
Power Input: 1.5 volts (D-cell)
Meter Scale Ranges:
with GTC-036 sensor: 0-5000 milliTorr
• with GTC-004 sensor: 0-1000 milliTorr
Sensor Type: STD GTC-036
Tube Cable Length: 10′
• 0-100mTorr:  +/-10% or 1mTorr, whichever is greater
• 100-500mTorr:  +/-15%
• 500-1000mTorr:  +/-20%
• 1000-5000mTorr:  +/-40%

Sensor Specifications GTC-004  (Nominal, at 10-3 Torr)

Heater Current: 20 ma.
Heater Voltage: .22V
T.C. Output @ 1 mTorr: 13.5 mV
Readable Pressure Range: 1-1000 mTorr
Response Time: 1 sec.

Sensor Specifications GTC-036  (Nominal, at 10-3 Torr)

Heater Current: 86 ma.
Heater Voltage: .35V
T.C. Output @ 1 mTorr: 11.0 mV
Readable Pressure Range: .001 – 5 Torr
Response Time: 1 sec.
Heater Resistance (cold): 3.3 ohms
Heater Resistance (hot): 4.1 ohms

Ordering Information

GT-365 Thermocouple gauge complete with sensor GTC-036 – Part Number 5507930
GT-365 Thermocouple gauge without sensor tube – Part Number 282773


Cable 10′ Length – Part Number 62214-7

Sensor Tubes

Both tubes attach to vacuum chamber with either 1/8″ pipe thread or 3/8″ tubulation seal connector,
adapters available for other connections
GTC-004 Sensor Tube
GTC-036 Sensor Tube (no calibration needed) – Part Number 5504358

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