Myers Vacuum

Myers Vacuum Sets The Standard In Performance,
Quality And Support Of Vacuum Systems

Myers Vacuum has been servicing systems worldwide since 1986, specializing in support of customized vacuum chambers for sputtering systems, metal evaporation, and molecular distillation.

In addition, Myers Vacuum specializes in equipment manufactured by the former CVC Products, Inc., providing service, technical support, parts, refurbishment, upgrades and modifications. Myers Vacuum is also:

  • the recognized leader in the manufacture and repair of short-path molecular distillation systems and their components
  • a leading manufacturer of Oil Diffusion Ejector Pumps, vacuum measurement equipment, sensor tubes and automatic valve controllers.
  • a manufacturer of vacuum leak sealant
  • a top vendor of previously owned equipment.
  • distributor of vacuum fluids and greases

Years of experience and proven expertise plus a continuing commitment to precision, innovation, and outstanding customer service make Myers Vacuum the right choice when quality really counts.


GT 430
Thermistor Gauge

increased sensitivity/ feedback
for indicating rapid pressure changes. Useful for leak

GTC 390
Thermocouple Gauge

Two station w/ Bar graph display

GTC 395
Thermocouple Gauge

Single station w/ digital display

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